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You are invited to the 3nd Annual Virtual Fundraising Career Conference! You and your colleagues are invited to learn about how to move on up in your fundraising career from April 17 to 21 2017. Together, with over 500 learning colleagues from around the globe, we will focus on the changing, evolving and increasingly disruptive shifts in the world of fundraising careers.

The Fundraising Career Conference is a dynamic and engaging event. This website will continually expand as we add more interviews, speakers, worksheets and more.

We start by announcing several of our Fundraising Career Conference speakers, including Marc Pitman of Nonprofit Academy and the Fundraising Coach.  To help you learn how to activate everyone in your office to their highest capacity as fundraisers, we’re having Kishshana Palmer of Kishshana and Co. consulting speak about her experience in strengths based leadership. We’ll also have some presentations on collaborating with your boss, and creativity and play from Sheena Greer!


What makes the Fundraising Career Conference 2017 Different?

“I’m really looking forward to this because I think it’s marvelous that finally somebody has done a conference focusing on fundraising as a career. I don’t think anybody else has done this before. You might find one or two little programs at a major conference, but most of the time we talk about the nitty gritty of how to do an annual fund, or how to start a major gifts, and we don’t focus enough on what the fundraising career is really all about. So I’m really excited to be part of this groundbreaking event.”

-Linda Lysakowski, Author of “Fundraising as a Career, What are you Crazy?” and other fundraising books

Please explore the activities and check out the Wild Woman Fundraising blog as we share the interviews with our speakers for the Fundraising Career Conference and the Next Level Conference.

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Mazarine Treyz
Founder, Fundraising Career Conference