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You want to get more interviews.

You want to learn how to improve your cover letter.

You want to know the five trickiest questions an interviewer is going to ask you, and how to get it right every time.

If you’ve been in the for-profit world, you want to break into fundraising.

If you’ve been in the nonprofit world, you want to move on up in your fundraising career.

You may be frustrated trying to get ahead in your fundraising career.

You want access to fundraising experts around North America.

Does this sound like you?

This fundraising career conference is made just for you.

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You can sign up here, today, but in the meantime, you can save the date:

April 17, 19, 21, 2017

If you sign up today, even if you can’t make every day of the conference, you will get access to the recordings and slides.

If you can’t wait for the conference to learn better fundraising career techniques, here’s a fundraising career book that can get you started.

Get the Job! Your Fundraising Career Empowerment Guide